Collection: Sell Your Collection

If you have a collection to sell, I may be able to help! Individual items and small collections are typically purchased outright, however, larger collections will usually need to be sold on a consignment basis.

While my clientele has a wide variety of interests, I do have to be selective about what I acquire for resale. Some examples of desirable models are as follows:

  • Pre-1970 Matchbox and Hot Wheels.
  • 1961-1980 Promotional models (Promos).
  • Resin models.
  • Pre-1970 model kits and/or boxes (built or unbuilt).
  • Certain Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint models.
  • AUTOart composite diecast models.
  • 1:43 scale white metal vehicles.
  • Large scale tin, pressed steel, or diecast vehicles such as Bandai, Tonka, or Smith-Miller.

The items above are obviously much more valuable if in good condition and if they include the original box.

There are a number of items that I am not able to acquire for various reasons. The most common reasons are that either demand is low, or the market is already saturated with those items. I am also not able to take items that are in poor condition, unless they are particularly rare and valuable. Some examples of items I do NOT acquire are:

  • Anything NASCAR related.
  • 1970 and newer Matchbox and Hot Wheels.
  • Warped Promotional models (Promos) (typically 1961 and older).
  • Certain (very common) Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint models.

These are very general guidelines; there are exceptions to every rule. If you have any questions about the collection you have, please reach out...I would be happy to discuss it with you!