Kategorie: Versand-/Rückgabebedingungen

Rückgabe & Erstattung

Im Allgemeinen sind alle Verkäufe endgültig. Rückgaben und/oder Rückerstattungen können jedoch im Einzelfall in Betracht gezogen werden, indem Sie sich an dave@toycargeek.com wenden. Mein Ziel ist die vollständige Kundenzufriedenheit, und ich bin bereit, mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen!

Bitte melden Sie etwaige Transportschäden umgehend an dave@toycargeek.com, damit die entsprechenden Maßnahmen ergriffen werden können.


Bitte rechnen Sie mit einer Bearbeitungszeit von drei Werktagen, bevor die Bestellung an den Spediteur geliefert wird. Eine beschleunigte oder andere Sonderabwicklung ist gegen Aufpreis möglich; Bitte kontaktieren Sie dave@toycargeek.com, um dies zu besprechen.


All products are packed with the utmost care to minimize the possibility of damage during shipping. As a collector myself, I have experienced firsthand the disappointment of receiving a hard-to-find item that was damaged due to inadequate packaging. However, no matter how well an item is packed, there is always the possibility of damage caused by negligence on the part of the carrier. If your item arrives damaged, refer to the "Returns" section below.


Under normal circumstances, I make every effort to ship all orders within 3 business days. Handling time may be longer during holidays, inclement weather, or immediately following large new-release incoming shipments. If you need to have your package expedited, please contact me right away. Special handling may incur additional charges.


Items may be returned only in case of shipping damage or factory defects. All defects and/or damage must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of package.


Every item is fully insured and very carefully packed to minimize the possibility of shipping-related damage. If you receive a damaged item, all packing materials must be kept, and photos of the damaged item and packing materials must be sent to TOYCARGEEK within 48 hours. These are the requirements of the insurance carrier, and no claims can be filed without the proper documentation. Once I receive all of the proper documentation, I will promptly provide a replacement or refund, whichever you choose.

As much as I would like to handle the entire process myself to spare you the inconvenience, the insurance carrier requires the information to be provided by the recipient (presumably to help guard against fraudulent claims).

Shipping damage is a huge expense for model dealers; sometimes the models are damaged on the way to us, sometimes they are damaged on the the way to you. Your assistance in the event of damage is very helpful and appreciated, as the more claims that can be successfully processed mean less likelihood that we dealers will have to raise prices to cover such losses.


Please note that a majority of items sold by TOYCARGEEK are hand-built, limited run items. Just like all hand-crafted items, variations may be present, and are not considered defects. Examples of true defects are missing, loose, or broken parts, or obvious and glaring problems with the finishing of the model. While it is not possible to fully inspect each model that gets shipped, all models are given a quick visual exam through the packaging, and a gentle "shake test" to assure that the model is properly secured inside the manufacturer's package, and has no loose parts.

Please use the contact button below to notify TOYCARGEEK of damage, or if you have any questions or comments about this policy.